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Our services

We provide a wide range of services to ensure proper care of your Relatives' graves. The services offered are provided in Warsaw and nearby areas. They can be performed either once or cyclically. The list of services provided is as follows:

Serwis sprzątający

  • Visiting the grave and lighting one or two candles depending on the type of the grave.
  • Providing basic cleaning products and equipment necessary to clean up or wash the tombstone.
  • Clean up the top debris from the gravestone such as dust, leaves, old flowers and candles.
  • Washing the gravestones according to the degree of contamination with ordinary or dedicated cleaning agents.
  • Take care of the surroundings of the grave through plant care, weeding, sweeping and snow removal.
  • We also offer the purchase of a grits or decorative gravel and its filling around the tombstone.
  • Purchase and setting of flowers and additional candles on the tombstone in accordance with the Client's guidelines.
  • Making accurate photographic documentation both before and after the order.
  • Sending receipts to the Client for purchased items and photos after the service.
  • Additional services related to the preservation of the tombstone, such as pasting and polishing.
  • Additional repair services such as painting the cross and letters in accordance with the Client's guidelines.
  • Optionally, for an additional fee, we help order a mass for a deceased person, or clean the grave after the funeral.

We make every effort to carry out the duties entrusted to you as accurately as possible. The service of visiting the grave includes the removal of garbage such as leaves, branches, old flowers and candles. During such a visit we light one small candle (a single grave) or two small candles (a double grave and a family grave). In addition, as part of the service, we can purchase flowers or a bundle for a grave or additional candles. Cleaning the tombstone consists in thoroughly removing the litter and dust accumulated and ensuring the appearance of the tombstone. Washing the grave usually takes place with standard cleaning products, except when the level of dirt requires it, or when the customer wishes to use a specific tinder care. The price of washing the gravestone depends on the size of the tomb and the material from which it was made, eg. terrazzo, granite, marble. All works are documented with good quality photos before and after the service, and then sent electronically to the Client.

Before performing the service, we make a valuation based on photos and information about the grave, the degree of dirt, the material from which it was made and the number of activities to do. In the price of the service, we provide lighting of one or two small candles and taking photographs and sending photographic documentation to the Client. We provide basic cleaning products and equipment designed to clean the tombstone. For an additional fee, we can purchase specialized cleaning or maintenance products. On request, we buy grit and gravel to decorate the surroundings of the grave. For all additional items purchased, we sent the Client with purchase receipts (receipts, invoices). We reserve the right to collect an advance before the order is completed.

We work during the opening hours of the cemeteries by adapting the service deadline to the Client's expectations. For services outside the administrative borders of the city of Warsaw we charge an additional fee of 20 zł for the ride. For services carried out on the day before the public holiday we add an additional 10% commission to the price of the service. We also have the possibility to organise a care over graves located in other parts of the country. We will provide more information in a private message.